The Asebed Hospital Crowd-Funding Project

The Senior Engineer of AscenTrust, LLC. flew to Cap-Haitien where we were met by our host: Mr. Amstrong Jean-Charles.The original group from Houston was made up of:

We arrived in the Northern City of Haiti called Cap-Haitien and we were met by Mr. Amstrong Jean-Charles, and the representatives of the Haitian Central Government. Our host, Amstrong Jean-Charles, is politically active and a close confidant of the President of Haiti and was able to pre-arrange a quick walkthrough Customs for us. Our group, and the other players, invited to Haiti by Mr. Surpris Pierre Cherezard, spent the first week of our stay in Cap_Haitien at a Hotel located on the seashore of the bay.

We got up very early on Monday morning and drove, over some very rough roads from Cap-Haitien to Port-Au-Prince, the Capital City of Haiti.We arrived early for our meeting with the President.

The images below were taken by the Senior Engineer. The slideshow shows the state of the construction of the Asebed Hospital. The firsts floor has been finished as a re-enforced concrete shell. As You look at the photos you will see that the the construction of the second floor has barely been started.